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Sleeping Well: ecological system without CO2 emissions
Green product
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Sleeping Well Smart-In is the new parking cooler system  integrated with the original one of the truck.
A brand new system where the airflow exploits the original vents of the vehiche, without  using ducts or channels which would alter  the aesthetics of the truck. Thanks to  the compressor’s rear position it is extremely silent and includes two different level of power: 1000 watt with a minimum running time  of six hours and 2800 watt with a minimum duration of 2 hours (for extreme hot days). This is the perfect solution to grant  the best temperature during your parking breaks, more space to your cabin  and better streamlining during your trips.

Technical data:

Rated Voltage: 24V
Working Voltage: 20 V
Working Temperature: -20°C / +70°C
Display: 1” LCD
Cooling capacity: 2800W
Ventilation levels: 5
Electrical Absorption: 17 A (Std)
Coolant: R134a
Compressor: scroll DC


معلومات رسالتك
البيانات الفنية
الارتفاع 50 mm (Control Panel)
العرض 60 mm (Control Panel)
العمق 22,5 mm (Control Panel)
نوع التثبيت Integrated air conditioning
مولد الطاقة للثلاجة (وات) 2800 واط
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